How do I duplicate a product listing?

The 'Copy Product' tool allows you to duplicate the details of a product you have already entered into our system, reducing the time it takes to add further products that may have similar properties. For instance if you have different sizes of a chocolate bar product, you can duplicate your initial listing and manually change the product dimensions and weight in each copy individually. 

You can copy products from the products page on your dashboard. Choose the ‘Copy Product’ option from the product you wish to duplicate, and a new product upload will be generated, with much of the information pre-populated.

Please ensure that you are very careful in overwriting and replacing information that is specific to the new product, to ensure that your products don’t go live with incorrect details.

If you're adding lots of similar products - such as a range of birthday cards that can be easily grouped together and all have the same costs and product information, for example - you could add one product, and up to five different images, but this does limit your visibility when a buyer's searching.





For a video tutorial of how to duplicate a product, skip ahead to 1:32 on the video below: