Buyer Account - Getting Started

This article will go over all you need to get started with a Product Guru buyer account.

How Product Guru works

Product Guru is a product discovery platform; allowing suppliers to upload details of their products for review by retail buyers using the platform.

All products are grouped by category, ensuring that you can easily focus on the products of interest to you. And our powerful filtering tools allow you to hone in on products that meet your exact criteria.

Buyers can create a free acount here.

Product Guru is only available to professional retail buyers, working for identifiable retailers. Due to the commercially sensitive information shared on the site by product suppliers, we ensure that only verified buyers can access the buyer area of the site. 


What next?

As previously mentioned, all buyer accounts need to be verified before the account is fully created. You may receive an email from asking for confirmation your company is selling third party finished products. If the team believe you should be a Supplier instead, this will be mentioned in the email.


This can take up to 3 working days for the team to verify your account manually. If you have any further questions or any issues at all, please feel free to contact us on Live Chat or email and we will help anyway we can.



Account Verified.

If the required information is provided, the team will verify your account and you will get full use of your dashboard.

More information about your Product Guru Buyer Dashboard can be found here.