How to ensure your products aren't filtered out of results

The best way to ensure that your products appear in as many search results as possible is to ensure that you populate as many of the product features as possible, as this allows buyers to search for products that meet their exact requirements.

If a buyer is looking for a product in your category and filters their search on a field you haven’t completed, your product will be excluded from the results. For example, if you have created a listing for a make-up product but didn’t select an option for whether your product has been tested on animals or not, your make-up product will be excluded from the search results when a buyer searching for health & beauty products filters on 'animal testing'.


Alternatively, as another example, for food & drink products there are certain options for inputting dietary requirements. These include;

- Vegan

- Vegetarian

- Halal

- Kosher

If your product does meet one or more of these dietary requirements, please tick the available options beside each one to ensure that your product is not filtered out of search results. For instance, if a buyer is searching for new vegetarian ranges of food to stock but you have not confirmed your product as being vegetarian on the listing itself, it will not appear in the buyer's search results.