Huddles - Events FAQ

Read below for some of our commonly asked questions

What’s included in a LIVE package? 

Each Huddles LIVE ticket includes:  

  • A quality backdrop and shelf space that includes tables & chairs (with additional chairs and furniture available if needed, free of charge) 
  • A pre-event networking evening to socialise with industry peers and buyers 
  • Refreshments and lunch during the event
  • Guaranteed meetings with buyers from your category

How many samples should I bring? 

Bring enough samples to adequately fill your shelf space, you may view some images of our previous events here to use as reference.  


How do I see my meeting schedule?  

Your meeting schedule will be available the day before the event. Please ensure you’ve logged into your Product Guru dashboard, once you select ‘Huddles’ on the left-hand side you should be able to view your full schedule for the day & the name of each buyer.  


What time will the event finish?  

Each Huddle event lasts a full day from 09:00 AM to 4:00 PM.  


How much time do I get with each buyer?  

Each brand will receive 8 minutes with each buyer.  


What time should I be there for set-up? 

Event set up is the evening before from 5pm to 7pm. This will allow enough time to prepare your space & still enjoy the pre-event networking evening.  


How do I follow up with buyers after the event? 

You can follow up with buyers and view all interactions & sample requests via the Product Guru dashboard. If you need help navigating the platform, you may find our 15-minute webinar useful.  


Will I receive any information about the venue beforehand?  

Yes, prior to the event you will receive our exhibitor manual which will include event details such as information on the venue, parking, evening socialising event and more. 


How much shelf space do I have? 

Please view some of our past event coverage to get an idea of the shelf space that we offer.  


Will there be meals included in the price?  

Lunch is included with your ticket price but an evening meal and breakfast is not.