Key things to include in your product listing

Our product template guides you through the 'add a product' process.

Key information such as product descriptions and unit costs are compulsory to complete, but there are many additional fields that are voluntary. Please complete as many of these as you can; the more information that is available, the more likely buyers are to review the products.

The buyers also have access to powerful filtering tools, so they can discover products meeting their exact criteria. Some of the filters automatically exclude products where the fields haven’t been completed, so could remove your products from buyers results, even if they do meet their criteria.

There are five sections for you to complete when you are filling out a product listing;

1. Select Product Category

2. Key Information

3. Product Information

4. Distribution & Logistics

5. Marketing

Fields that are mandatory to complete are marked by a red asterisk (*).

Some examples of mandatory fields are displayed below;


If you have not filled a field correctly for mandatory pieces of information, you will be given an error notification and you will not be able to proceed to the next stage of product upload.

Fields that are not marked by a red asterisk (*) do not have to be filled out, but we suggest that you enter as much information as you possibly can into these fields. More information as to why this is important and how to do so, can be found here.

Some examples of non-mandatory fields can be found here: