Getting Started

Within this article we will cover who we are, what we do and any information you need to get started on the platform.

Product Guru is an award-winning platform that allows you to connect with retailers, with unique opportunities to help get your products onto shelves. You can upload your products to make them discoverable by buyers, receive messages and sample requests, and join events to pitch your products to buyers – all in one place.

How does it works?

Once you have completed your brand, you are able to start adding products for retailers. Buyers then have the opportunity to reach out on the platform either via Reach Outs or Sample Requests, (you will be notified via email of any updates) Buyers also have the option of saving your brand or products to review at a later time.

As a supplier you are not able to initiate a conversation with a buyer if they haven't contacted you first.

Please be aware that you will not be able to see who has viewed or saved your products until that buyer has indicated that they are interested in your product.

Only verified buyers have access to viewing products from suppliers on Product Guru. We vet all our buyers upon registration, to ensure that only legitimate retail buyers from either brick and mortar stores or e-commerce stores have access to our buyer's accounts. All of your product information is secure and your commercially sensitive information such as pricing can only be viewed by genuine retail buyers. 


For more information, you can access Product Guru's Terms & Conditions here.



Product Guru is 100% free to sign-up and post your products to be discovered by retailers. Unlike brokers, Product Guru doesn't collect any fees or a percentage of your business with retailers. That means you can upload all of your products onto the Product Guru platform and utilise it as your digital sell sheet to get discovered by our retail partners at no cost!

We do not take fees or commission on any sales you make, as Product Guru is a third-party platform and does not get involved in your sales process at all. Product Guru does organise and host occasional payable events though, such as Virtual Pitches.

Coming soon, Product Guru will be releasing optional paid premium services that will take the form of either monthly or annual subscriptions. These premium accounts will include certain specialised features for suppliers. 


What do we do to promote your products?

The first thing we would encourage you to do is make sure that you've opened your Product Guru account, added all the details of your brand and uploaded up-to-date, detailed product information for all your products. Buyers love to see all your information, laid out clearly in front of them, including links to your social media accounts, so they can get a feel for your brand.


In terms of how we maximise your appeal to buyers, we do a number of things:

  • We notify buyers on a weekly and monthly basis, of new product additions
  • We showcase a selection of brands and products in our regular buyer newsletter
  • Your supplier account is viewable by buyers 24/7/365 for free
  • We organise dedicated events to showcase your brand and to encourage connection between buyers and suppliers
  • We invite you to take part in our regular supplier features including #SupplierShoutOut and #ProductGuruLoves on social media and our Supplier Focus blog on our website
  • We invite you to record videos, submit imagery and to participate in our marketing campaigns to encourage awareness of your brand
  • Our platform has been designed to make sure your products are presented in the way that buyers want to see them and that the right imagery, product information, costs, margins, packaging, marketing and distribution information is there for them to view
  • We highlight information to buyers about criteria beyond product information, for example brands that are plant-based, sustainable, free-from,  vegetarian or fairtrade, for example.


Which retailers use Product Guru?

Product Guru is used by a wide range of retailers, from independent specialists through to major High Street chains and grocery multiples.

As mentioned above, only verified retail buyers can use the platform. The platform isn’t available to consumers or non-trade personnel.


If you have any further questions, feel free to email us at or use the chat widget in the bottom-right hand corner of the screen on our website.