What are the 2 different types of pitches events?

1) Lightning Pitch

Impress buyers at lightning speed when you pitch your products to a panel of retailers looking for exciting new products for their category. You’ll meet buyers from UK retailers including supermarkets and chains, department stores, independent shops, regional retailers, specialty stores, pharmacies and farm shops.

All eyes are on you for 7 minutes as you pitch your products and answer buyers’ questions. Make it count!

How often are you guaranteed the undivided attention of a panel of buyers? At Lightning Pitch events, buyers join us for just 60 minutes – an innovation hour – so places are strictly limited.

With each Lightning Pitch event, we guarantee a minimum of 2 major UK retailers to be in attendance, and a minimum of 4 retailers in total.

Book your ticket early to guarantee your spot. Ticket prices start from just £195 + VAT.

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2) Scale Up Pitch

NEW for summer 2021, and designed based on feedback from retailers, join one of our Scale Up pitch events where you’ll meet a panel of at least FOUR major UK retailers looking for brands who are ready to take their business to the next level.

If you’re a brand who’s already secured a listing (or two!) in local or regional stores or in hospitality OR you have a record of substantial D2C sales and a big following OR you have the business infrastructure, production ability, team, logistics and distribution in place to meet the requirements of a major retailer- this is the event for you.

Make a BIG impression in a short time at our Scale Up events, where buyers are looking for unique, new products that their customers will really love. You're guaranteed that a minimum of FOUR major retailers from supermarkets, chains and department stores will join the buyers' panel. Use your 7-minute pitch to grab the attention of the buyers and show them how you stand out from the crowd. The focus is completely on you as you deliver your pitch and answer buyers’ questions.

Buyers block out their time for 60 minutes to discover the best innovative brands who are ready to scale up, so places are strictly limited. Ticket prices start from £235 + VAT on early bird pricing for a limited time only.

With each Lightning Pitch event, we guarantee a minimum of 4 major UK retailers to be in attendance.

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