What is Product Guru?

We think it's too complicated for you to get your products in front of retailers so at Product Guru our mission is to simplify your relationship with buyers.

Product Guru is a product discovery platform; allowing you to upload details of your products for review by retail buyers using the platform all in one place, to help to get your products on to shelves.

How it works is:
- You create your free Product Guru supplier account on our website
- You add your brand and details of your products to your account
- Approved retail buyers are able to view your products, ask you for more information or request a sample. We don't get involved- they'll contact you directly through your account and only verified buyers are able to see your commercial information.

The platform's been designed to be as time saving and simple to use as possible. With our basic subscription you use the platform for free- we don't ask you for any card details when you sign up, we don't get involved in your relationships with retailers and we don't take any commission or fees. The platform's there to help you showcase your products, get your products onto shelves and scale up your business.

For more information, you can access Product Guru's Terms & Conditions here.