Will the buyers ask me questions and give me feedback?

Buyers will have the ability to ask you questions by typing them into a text box at the bottom of their screen while you are pitching, and they have the option to ask the question anonymously if they wish. At the end of your pitch, your Product Guru host will relay the questions that have been submitted via text and ask them to you audibly.

Buyers have multiple single-click options to take actions and provide feedback - for instance requesting samples with the option for a personalised message, but also single-click options for when a brand or a product is not right for them. We actively encourage buyers who attend our events to provide feedback wherever possible and we remind them at every step of the process. Some buyers feedback straight away, others may take longer, depending on their own internal processes and the dates that they’re working to. When a buyer leaves you feedback, you will receive an email notification and you will be able to view the feedback on your Product Guru account post-pitch.